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to Make Money From BloggingIt is now easier and quicker than ever before to set up a blog website and start generating an income online, more secure and solid than ever before.

Discover today how you can easily generate a stable income on the internet and never again be short on money…


As the saying goes, it’s like riding a bike. Once you know how to ride, you’ll never forget. Once you know how to make money from blogging, you will never forget how to do it.

Although things do change online quite quickly sometimes.

Affiliate marketing programs.

When we think of affiliate marketing programs, there are many affiliate marketing programs such as viral mailers and traffic exchange programs all of which have affiliate programs. These can be used for promoting products and services and so on. They are not extremely effective, but they do work.

When you are trying to make a profit online by monetizing your blog posts, it’s better to use affiliate programs like the ones that are offered by major brands. Almost all of them offer affiliate programs. Just go visit practically any major brand website and find their affiliate program.

One thing that I believe is important is that you find an affiliate program that is offered by a brand that you really like.

It is much easier to write content about something you are passionate about than to create content around products you don’t care about.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon.

to make money bloggingAmazon is a major provider of physical products that are being marketed by bloggers like you and me. Using blogs to provide content for product companies is a great way to get people knowledgeable about products to get them comfortable to make the purchase.

Amazon does offer a variety of practically any physical product you can think of, so it is easy to get set up with Amazon products.

Find your favorite niche by researching to find out what people are searching for on the internet and you can do this by using a keyword research tool. Just type in different search terms until you find plenty of traffic for a niche you really like.

If you are able to find a niche that happens to be an Amazon product, then it is an easy setup to get started to sell products online to earn commissions.


Once you have found your niche, you are ready to head on over to get your domain name and your web hosting and there is no better place for that than ONPASSIVE.

You will find your experience with this company very different than what you are used to with other online tool supply companies. With ONPASSIVE you will automatically begin to earn commissions. That is something I have never experienced before in any company I’ve been in.

  • Your first step is a free trial and then upgrade for $25 Then what you will find is that a team will start building in your downline and commissions will start showing up in your account but don’t worry, around here, that is normal. You can remain focussed on setting up your affiliate marketing while your team is being built for you and your commissions keep building in your account.
  • When your commissions are built high enough, your account will upgrade to $125 level and then your team will grow faster because this upgraded level provides leads and signups for you.
  • When your commissions reach $250 your account will automatically upgrade to that level and build even faster because you now have two upgrade levels that include leads and signups.
  • When your commissions reach the $500 level, your account will upgrade to that level and then you are all in. When you are all in, your account is completely self-funded, your monthly upgrades happen automatically.

GoLink PDFNow you will get withdraw-able money on your account daily so you can withdraw and use your money as you please.

Your daily commissions will keep growing bigger for the rest of your life. So enjoy the idea of getting a raising pay on a daily basis.

There is much more that I could write about ONPASSIVE but there is a better option. You can download a free copy of our eBook by clicking the link below.

A blog to make money.

Now you can finish creating your website and blog in your ONPASSIVE account and then blog about whatever you enjoy blogging about.

Learn more by Requesting a Free Download of our PDF The GoLink.Team in ONPASSIVE.

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