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blog to make moneyIf you are looking for a solid and stable internet marketing company, this article will introduce you to one that truly is all of that and more.

Your financial freedom is guaranteed. I know that is a BOLD claim, nut when you understand where this company is at, and what they are doing, you will agree…

ONPASSIVE Online Tools.

ONPASSIVE is the first real online marketing company that actually has a physical location with a team of people on staff that are creating all of the tools and are providing live support for people who are using their tools.

This Company provides a complete suite of impeccable online marketing tools. Every imaginable online tool you can possibly need for marketing your business on the internet is included in their tool suite.

So what are some of the tools that ONPASSIVE provides?

  • Domain and Web hosting. When have you ever seen a hosting company that paid their customers? Yes, that right when you host with OP you get paid.
  • Website builder. The most advanced drag and drop website builder that you can use to build beautiful professional looking websites.
  • Email marketing. Say goodbye to over-priced autoresponders. Get paid for using them instead.
  • Online meetings. No more limitations when you want to have a webinar meeting with people from all over the world.
  • And many more cutting edge tools.

All of the tools are conveniently available in one place where you can do all of your marketing using ONPASSIVE tools and get paid daily for doing so.

Make Money By Blogging

How internet marketing works.

So here is how internet marketing works with ONPASSIVE. You get started by trying out the tools as a free trial, then you upgrade to the $25 level. This level does not provide leads for building your team. However, your team will still start growing under you and your commissions will start to build. This happens because people in your upline are building their teams.

When your commissions build high enough to upgrade to $125 level, the system will automatically upgrade your account to the $125 level and now your own team starts building from your own leads. You don’t have to lift a finger for this to happen.

Your commissions will grow more now and you will soon have enough to upgrade to $250 level. At this level, your team grows even faster because now you have 2 levels generating leads for you. Now you will quickly have enough commissions to upgrade to the $500 level. And now you are all in.

You have no need to concern yourself about your monthly upgrades, the system does all of that for you. And you get to withdraw daily commissions and go shopping. All from just $25.

But don’t forget, your team under you is now growing even faster because you now have 3 levels that generate leads for you and do all of the selling for you while you sleep, shop, have fun at the beach, whatever.

How to do affiliate marketing.

So now that your income in on autopilot and you have all of these wonderful tools available to you, why not build an online store?

Yes, you can build a beautiful website and sell online gaming, clothes from fashion stores, you name it. Practically every major business or brand out there has an affiliate program, so you can sell their products online and make even more money.

PDFTo do this, all you have to do is sign up with your favorite company as an affiliate build a website and populate it with store items and write articles about the products, so people can find them in the search engines and the affiliate commissions will start rolling in.

If you want to learn how to make your articles SEO friendly go to

How to set up a blog to make money.

Blogging is important with almost any product or service you want to market. So if you decided to build yourself an online store, well, you will need a blog to write some blog posts about the products or services you are selling.

And since you have already signed up with ONPASSIVE for your website domain name and your hosting. You can go ahead and plug in your blog as well.

To learn more about ONPASSIVE and all of our epic online tools, grab a copy of our eBook below.

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