Many People are Learning How to Make Money Blogging. The Good News is…

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Make Money By BloggingWhat better time to learn how to make money blogging than just exactly when the floodgates are opening up for the masses to enjoy achieving financial freedom by blogging.

As you will learn in this blog post, that financial freedom is indeed achievable by using the internet to generate an income and sure, you can do it by blogging.

So here’s how to make money blogging in plain and simple words. Promoting affiliate products is the most common and easiest way to monetize your blog.

How affiliate marketing works.

how to blog to make money

Okay so for quite some time I had this question on my mind as to how I would be able to make money with my blog. And just like you, I learned everything I could about it.

Now I have a gorgeous online store and I love creating content about the products I’m selling, but I don’t just have one blog that I monetize. Because I love blogging.

Here are the steps to get started…

  • Find your niche. It’s best if you find a niche that you are passionate about because you will need to create a lot of content and it is much easier to create content around something you really like. You can do this by checking out your favorite brand stores, just go to their website and find the application to sign up as an affiliate. Some require that you have a website before you can sign up.
  • Then you head on over to to get your domain and hosting for your website/blog you can start with a free trial and then you will need to pay $25 to get your blog set up.
  • Next, it’s time to build your website and populate it with your store items and set up your blog. You’ll find the ONPASSIVE site builder most intuitive and very easy to use.
  • Make sure you verify your domain with Google Search Console and get your site SEO optimized.
  • You are ready for blog posts. If you are not sure how to structure your content, head on over to to learn.

That’s it you are all set. Now you can write posts about your content. HINT. What about 20 to 30 articles that are 600+ words long and plop them all on there.

ONPASSIVE Web Hosting for a Blog.

With ONPASSIVE you can get started for just $25 for your domain and hosting website builder and blog everything you need to set up your online store to monetize your blog.

But there is more to this company than just hosting your domain and hosting for your website and blog.

When you are hosting your online store with ONPASSIVE, you will notice commissions to start showing up in your account which will automatically upgrade your account and thereby unlocking more tools.

There are four upgrade levels to be reached and the system will automatically upgrade your account level by level until you are all in.

This may seem strange to you because, in all other companies, you are required to promote if you are to earn any commissions. But here’ that is all automated. You can go about the online store that you wanted to set up.

Once the system has your account upgraded to the highest level, you will have access to the entire online tool suite that ONPASSIVE provides and you will be able to withdraw money from your account daily. All from just $25 out of pocket.

Affiliate marketing with amazon.

Amazon is really a major company that sells products all over the world and it’s easy to become an Amazon affiliate to sell their products.

It’s just one of the options available to you if you so choose.

Internet marketing basics.

PDFInternet marketing for many years was really looked down on and many people haven’t yet caught on how stable and profitable internet marketing has become.

But here we are now easily achieving total financial freedom. And I already mentioned when you are a user of the ONPASSIVE tools. You will gain complete financial freedom.

I explained the process of how your account will get to the point where you are all in, at which point you can withdraw money anytime you want.

But you take a huge shortcut if you so desire and can afford it. Because you can upgrade to all of the levels right away. In which case you would have withdraw-able money available to you much sooner.

Learn more by downloading a copy of our eBook for Free below.

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